Painting and Decorating Trends for 2015

Modern interior trends are constantly changing and evolving, and in 2015, they are going places you might not be expecting. Like most trends, they are a continuation of what went before- a natural progression from one style to the next.

Colour Trends

In 2014, we saw a lot of white on white and very muted colours to create a clean look. This creates the illusion of space and also gives an upscale vibe to the atmosphere. But we also saw pastels become increasingly popular. What we were starting to see at the end of 2014 and going into 2015 is a fusion of these two colour trends.

That’s something we are likely to see even more of in 2015 as decorators find new ways to combine the serene styles of whites and pastels. Many people are looking for a very mellow yet clean look for their home and their businesses, and nothing brings that out better than these two colour styles.


And speaking of combining styles, that fusion of styles is a new trend in itself. Whether it is combining colour trends or different types of patterns and designs, we are going to see a lot more style fusions in 2015. Many decorators feel they have taken styles such as Victorian and avant garde to their natural conclusion, so now they are looking at ways to combine a few different styles to create something new.

Homeowners and business owners who want something that feels original and unique are going to gravitate toward this trend as well. They see the value in creating an atmosphere that is wholly their own, and it presents an intriguing challenge to decorators and designers.

New Decorating Materials

Every few years sees some new furniture or decorating item become the hot new trend. In 2015, we are going to see some previously uncommon decorating materials really take off. Some of the ones that are already taking root in the mainstream space are those that look and feel like entirely natural elements. These are walls designs and carpeting that simulate trees or grass. We’ve seen rock-like formations become ever more popular over the years, but decorators have a lot of unique new tools at their disposal, and they are pushing the bar as to what can be accomplished. Now a wall can look like a forest, and the carpet can look like a field of grass. But they can still retain all their traditional conveniences and benefits. 2015 will be a bold new year for painting and decorating trends, and we are already starting to see it take shape.